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Mark Strathern is a certified strength coach, nutritionist, and personal trainer.

From struggling with weight from a young age to competing in bodybuilding shows, Marks’s aim was to build a community of like-minded people. Which in turn not only helps yourself but helps others that are struggling just as much as you are to find happiness and fulfillment within their life, body & mind.

The Project

The goal was to modernise Mark’s online presence in the form of a new website which also included a members hub.

Mark was extremely trusting and pretty much happy for us to take the reins in relation to the design of his new website and members hub.

Emphasis was on clean and crisp imagery, short impactful statements, and no fluffy paragraphs of long-winded text.

The priority here was to create a user-friendly members hub in which Marks clients could educate themselves in their own time by following a specific flow of educational content such as videos, documents, and resources.

Mark Strathern Coaching, a McShannock Design Project
Mark Strathern Coaching, a McShannock Design Project


Mark Strathern Coaching moved from an outdated website to a community-driven online platform and members hub. This new online resource is user-friendly and easy to navigate, which provides Marks’s clients a hub for all the educational material he has to offer.

This has resulted in a bank of educational videos and content for the entire Mark Strathern Coaching community to access, all within the Mark Strathern Coaching Members Hub.

Mark Strathern Coaching, a McShannock Design Project