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The Northern Ireland Tourist Guide Association is a not-for-profit, non-political body established in 1992 to represent the needs of professional tourist guides in Northern Ireland.

All members are all professionals in their field, having recognised qualifications within the world of tourism and tourist guides. Blue Badge Guides are accredited by the Institute of Tourist Guiding (ITG) in London, National Guides accredited by Fáilte Ireland, and Level 4 Guides accredited by Ulster University.

The body of members at NITGA speak a range of languages and engage in regular professional development to maintain their skills and knowledge base across the board.

NITGA’s main purpose is to promote and market our members, and to ensure that tourist guides are recognised as the key ambassadors of our region.

NITGA is a member of the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG) and the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA).

The Project

The ideal outcome was to develop a modern website that provides information on tours throughout Northern Ireland and NITGA’s tourist guides, who each specialise in different areas and interests. The brief was to create a design that would be user-friendly, making it easy for an individual to find out more about a particular tour and potentially choose the ideal tour guide based on experience. Although great user experience was vital, it was also important to adhere to the organisation’s strict brand guidelines. In addition to these requirements, the client themselves wanted to constantly maintain an up-to-date bank of members or tour guides so they needed to be able to add and update this area. WordPress was used as the platform, allowing the client to update/delete/alter this or other content themselves, following the training provided.

The secondary, yet equally important part to this project was the ability for the client to add and update tourist guides. WordPress was used as the platform, allowing the client to update this themselves following the training provided.

Northern Ireland Tourist Guide Association (NITGA) provides a range of tourist guides, all with their own preferred tour locations throughout the region.

NITGA, a McShannock Design Project
NITGA, a McShannock Design Project


For NITGA, ideal outcomes were not only met but exceeded. The organisation now has an inviting, exciting website that is fit for its purpose. As the tourism industry in Northern Ireland increases, so too will the bank of ever-experienced NITGA members. Now, NITGA has the perfect platform to be able to handle this!

NITGA, a McShannock Design Project