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16 weeks


Varsity Ventures is a partner company that aims to help university and college entrepreneurship teams scale their services and maximize their resources. We achieve this through building a suite of digital tools and services that automate administrative tasks, measure impact and supercharge ecosystem engagement.

One of our primary platforms is Startium, an intelligent all-in-one operating system designed specifically for university entrepreneurship teams. With Startium, users can access a suite of connected workflow tools that maximise entrepreneurial impact and engagement with the ecosystem.

We work with universities across Europe and the USA to develop a range of digital tools aimed at supercharging the impact of their innovation and entrepreneurship services.

Join us at Varsity Ventures and take your university’s entrepreneurship services to the next level.

The Project

As part of our work with Varsity Ventures, we were tasked with improving the user experience of the Startium platform. This was crucial given the platform’s complexity and the large amount of data and information it presented within the dashboard.

To tackle this challenge, we broke the project down into two distinct parts: the university perspective and the student perspective. Each had unique UX requirements and considerations that we carefully addressed to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Varsity Ventures, a McShannock Design Project
Varsity Ventures, a McShannock Design Project


Through our demonstrated success working with universities in Europe and the US, we have shown the effectiveness of the UX design of Startium and its many features. At our core, we prioritise maintaining a strong relationship with Varsity Ventures and are invested in the long-term success of their many projects. We are confident that we will continue collaborating and working together for many years to come.

Varsity Ventures, a McShannock Design Project