Power of Will Fitness; personal trainer Josh O’Hagan

Design • Development • Power of Will Fitness • 2019


Josh O’Hagan has worked within the personal training industry since October 2014, engaging with a range of clients who all have one goal in common – being better than they were yesterday!

I am passionate about making a change to peoples lives! It is my duty to serve my clients with the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years.

The Project

An exciting series of information-based PDFs for Belfast personal trainer, Josh O’Hagan.

Josh wanted to be able to provide his body of clients with material that covered the foundations of fitness, nutrition, weight loss and anything in between! Five different books were created, all of which focused on a different topic that is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

These were provided as digital PDFs, but would look just as attractive in print form!



An engaging series of information packs for Belfast personal trainer, Josh O’Hagan. Josh wanted these created in order to provide his clients with a comprehensive guide to all things fitness.

Five different info packs were designed, with each focusing on a different topic for educating his clients on such things as weight loss, techniques and nutrition guidelines.

It was important to create material that holds the audience’s attention, whilst not distracting from the important content held within. This careful balance was met with a series of PDFs that are both aesthetically pleasing but don’t shy away from highlighting the most important lifestyle habits.

Each document can be viewed by following the links below.