Precision Performance; specialising in male and female fat loss and hypertrophy.

Design • Development • Precision Performance • 2018


Unlike most trainers, Precision Performance look into every aspect of your life and tailor the approach towards your lifestyle and goals ensuring you get the most out of your workouts. They maintain that there is so much more to training than just turning up to the gym a few days out of the week. Stress, hormones, sleep, blood work along with a host of other factors are all areas that they look into in order to improve your quality of life and gain the most from training.

Precision Performance, specialises in male and female fat loss and hypertrophy.

The Project

Ben Kennedy from Precision Performance got in contact sometime in 2018, his circumstances had changed and was no longer offering 1-2-1 personal training. He wanted to build an online membership community essentially creating another source of income, in the form of tailored training and nutrition guidance to his clients.

The ideal outcome was to build a modern website that incorporates informative guidance in relation to pursuing a healthier lifestyle with a communal membership area behind a paywall. The aim was that clients could sign up, pay a monthly fee and be awarded access to a hub of online training and nutrition videos and content.


An outstanding responsive WordPress website for online personal trainer, Ben Kennedy and his brand, Precision Performance.


Precision Performance on the front end is a modern and appealing website. However, behind the scenes Precision Performance is a hub for training and nutrition content allowing Ben Kennedy to earn an online/passive income while he sleeps or travels the world.

Goal achieved.

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